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Faroese Bible Society

The Faroese Bible Society (Hin Føroyski Bíbliugrunnurin) was established on November 28th 1948. Four months later on March 19th 1949 the Bible became available in the Faroese language for the first time - know as the Victor Danielsens translation (1894-1961). Prior to that he had relased the New Testament in 1937.

In 1974 a ligth revision was made.

The Victor Danielsens Bible translation is available in several sizes. The new testament is available as an audio edition both on MC and as MP3 on CD.

During these 60 years approximately 45.000 copies have been sold.

The Bible is also available on mobile phones with the WAP-protocol wap.biblian.fo and as an App for iPhone (iOS 4.2 or higher iPad (iOS 4.2 or higher and for mobile phones with Android OS (version 2.1 or higher).

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You can contact us on:

Hin Føroyski Bíbliugrunnurin
Boks 69
FO-110 Tórshavn
Tel: 21 48 52
e-mail: biblian(at)biblian.fo